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9 Affirmations For Throat Chakra: Lead a Powerful Life

Throat chakra

What is the Throat Chakra?

For anyone who wants to make a huge impact on this world, activating the throat chakra would be of extreme value. Whether it is in speaking, doing, or acting, you’ll do everything with power, and your life will have an essence of roar to it. So today, I came up with 9 powerful affirmations for the throat chakra, and also a technique that’ll powerfully awaken it.

Awakening your throat chakra, and majorly functioning through it will turn you into a Neelkantha (One with a blue neck… metaphorically speaking). Furthermore, you will attract non-physical entities called Gana towards yourself and also become a powerful individual in all respects. But before we dive in, let’s understand what throat chakra is…

The Sanskrit name of Throat Chakra is Vishuddha Chakra. In addition, the word Vishuddha literally means a filter which is a combination of two Sanskrit words “Vish”: meaning poison, and “Shuddha” meaning pure, which means, the job of this chakra is to filter out poisonous thoughts, emotions, and energy from our system. So, if you practice and activate this chakra, you will naturally become more positive and powerful in speech and action. It will also open new perceptions of reality, which are associated with the occult. So, let’s explore some powerful affirmations that will activate your throat chakra.

Now, what does occult mean, and what is its significance in contemporary times?

The occult is anything that may appear supernatural because of its non-physical nature. For instance, activities like astral projection, hypnotism, summoning disembodied beings, using telepathy, witchcraft, all of these are occultish in nature, which means, you become capable of doing these things after you awaken your throat chakra.

However, Another aspect of this chakra is that after you reach here, there is no going back. In other words, every direction you go will take you forward because there is no duality. Before reaching your throat chakra you can go back to living like every other human being, not getting involved in any spiritual process. However, once you have risen from heart chakra to throat charka, you don’t have to worry much about whether you are doing things the right way or not. Your very life will turn into a spiritual process.

Also, there are several sadhanas for attaining vishuddha siddhi, including chanting a certain mantra or practicing techniques mentioned in the Bhairava Tantra. You can also use affirmations to open and activate the throat chakra because, ultimately, all techniques are affirmations in a way.

What causes blockages in The Vishuddha Chakra?

A common question I receive is: why aren’t we born with awakened chakras?

Chakras are not opened since birth because they are not necessary for survival (meaning, they are untapped potentials.). To be more precise, they only exist in our bodies because they are an imprint of the physical nature of our universe. They are caused by human awareness (or universal consciousness). For instance, why is our planet round and not cubical? Because the universe is built that way. There are subtler dimensions in this universe that are not physical which, including the physical, work together to manifest the universe the way it is.

What is the purpose and physical significance of chakras?

Firstly, chakras are not physically present in the body, they are just centers of attention that manifest the human mind as you see it right now. For example, the human mind (not the brain) is not physical but you know that it is present. Similarly, chakras are not physical, they are metaphysical.

Secondly, in a universe without chakras, human awareness cannot exist. And conclusively, this would happen because the physical part of the brain that’s fabricating awareness will not create it, to begin with. In other words, the universe will just not support it. As simple as that!

Asanas: Mental + Physical Affirmations for Throat Chakra.

Firstly, there are in total 112 chakras in the human body, 7 of which are the major ones, and the throat chakra is 5th among these seven.

Secondly, there are two asanas that stimulate the throat chakra which you can practice daily to balance out and awaken your throat chakra. One of them involves contraction, and the other involves expansion. These asanas are called:

  1. Shoulder stand.
  2. Fish pose.

You might be thinking, how can asanas be considered as affirmations for throat chakra? To clarify, everything you perceive – your physical body, your environment – are parts of your own mind because they are images created by the mind itself. You can understand this when you see the world through Ajna chakra.

Shoulder Stand

Fish Pose

11 Affirmations for Throat Chakra: To Awaken and Balance

Following are some powerful affirmations for the throat chakra you can use, to improve the power and impact of your speech, and develop occult capabilities.

1. I am powerful in speech and action.
2. My voice ROARS like thunder.
3. I have full control over my mind and body.
4. I only witness thoughts I allow myself to see.
5. I see, hear and feel everything with full intent.
6. I only allow thoughts of constructive nature.
7. When I talk, people listen and appreciate.
8. My power to create is unimaginable.
9. My awareness is moving towards my throat now.
10. I am becoming more and more mindful of my throat chakra and every sensation that surrounds it.
11. My mind is saturated with positive and powerful thoughts.
Throat chakra affirmations.
Affirmations for throat chakra infographic
Throat chakra affirmations infographics.

Bottom line: Things to keep in mind.

Affirmations are powerful, but do you know what is more powerful? Visual affirmations! Visualize the image of the throat chakra and keep it still. Consequently, it’ll begin to stay in your awareness throughout the day subconsciously. For instance, you don’t currently feel your right ear until you see it with your awareness because you are unconsciously/subconsciously aware of it. Similarly, you’ll become subconsciously aware of the throat chakra, its shape, and its color.

That’s all!

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More about chakras: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakra

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