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Affirmations For Sacral Chakra [Everything you need!]

Sacral chakra image
Sacral chakra image

During these times, we need a strong grip on our psychological world. In fact, we are controlled by our desires 99% of the time, which makes them our masters. Using affirmations for sacral chakra will help us bring order and control over our desires and, in turn, make us their master. In this post, I’ve discussed the attributes of the sacral chakra in depth. Moreover, I’ve also shared 9 powerful affirmations that’ll awaken it for you.

Sacral chakra and its significance in human body.

Every chakra has two potentials, one that is given to us by nature (through evolution) and the other, its ultimate possibility through transformation.

Moreover, transformation takes place by practicing awareness as well as understanding our true nature.

The sacral chakra is located slightly above the pelvis region has these natural possibilities:

  1. Fear
  2. Anger
  3. Hatred
  4. violence

Usually, most chakras remain dormant in 99 percent of the population. In contemporary times, a person’s behavior only reflects the conditioning he has received from childhood.

Don’t believe that people have semi-opened their sacral chakra because they are against violence.

To clarify, an ant is against violence only when it’s put next to an elephant. Here, violence is avoided, not transformed into compassion.

Because the human mind is like a fertile garden, if you don’t grow crops on it, weeds will grow naturally. Similarly, if there is no compassion, violence is a natural tendency.

So, the ultimate possibilities of the sacral chakra are: (The benefits of an opened sacral chakra)

  1. fearlessness
  2. Compassion
  3. acceptance
  4. freedom

Addressing common misconceptions and lies across the web.

Many emotions can block your sacral chakra, but dealing with emotions isn’t the right approach. From my perspective, focusing on each emotion and releasing them through shadow work is inefficient. So, we will deal with the root cause.

Common misconceptions about chakra.
The truth about chakras no one speaks (most likely because they don’t know.)

I found many articles across the web that say doing pleasurable things would open the sacral chakra. Undoubtedly, this is utter gibberish and wishful thinking. In fact, being a slave to habitual pleasures is exactly the opposite of an awakened sacral chakra. Furthermore, it would just mean that the person has not even transcended the Mooladhara or the root chakra, because the ultimate possibility of the root chakra is Brahmachari (a person who stays in the conduct of himself).

In a way, the chakras are always active because each chakra carries important functions of the psychological/spiritual self. In fact, more so spiritual than psychological because psychology works with the results of spiritual shifts, not spirituality itself.

Spirituality is fundamental to our being. Working with it all by yourself can cause more harm than good, which is why I recommend that you reach out to an expert who is established in sacral chakra meditation.

How to balance the Sacral Chakra?

Balancing the sacral chakra sets you free from pleasure-related compulsions. So, you’ll feel lighter throughout the day and be happier in the present moment. You’ll also feel energetic and fresh throughout the day.

So, to balance the sacral chakra, first, put your attention on it.

  1. Firstly, relax your mind and sit in a meditative position.
  2. Then loosen up your chakra centers through affirmative commands. [one chakra at a time]
  3. Visualize a white light in the center of your sacral chakra.
  4. And then, fill every sensation around the sacral chakra with that light. (You’ll feel a sense of expansion near sacral chakra)
  5. Concentrate on the light for a while and slowly all knots on the chakra will open up.

A closed chakra has several knots. However, you can easily open these knots through concentrated awareness. Moreover, you can even open your third eye through concentration.

All practices are simple but the ego wants to make things difficult, just so it can fulfill its agenda. So, focus on one technique at a time.

Affirmations for the Sacral chakra.

Affirmations can be in different forms. For instance, mental dialog, visualization, and even concentrating upon something is an affirmation. The technique I mentioned above affirms the presence of awareness on the sacral chakra. In addition to that here are some affirmations that will increase your awareness near the sacral chakra.

  1. My sacral chakra is waking up and expanding.
  2. The light permeates through my sacral chakra and spreads across all the sensations surrounding it.
  3. Wherever the light travels, it opens up every knot.
  4. I am becoming fearless.
  5. Compassionate and loving
  6. The light is releasing me from the shackles of compulsions.
  7. I am established within myself.
  8. A surge of pure energy is coursing through my body.
  9. I can see every nerve and sensation lighten up near my sacral chakra.

Do these affirmations to awaken and energize your sacral chakra.

The secret path to the supernatural: A book on the law of attraction.


Affirmations are powerful when you believe they work. And the sacral chakra is the energy center of your body because it exhibits human desire.

Want to buy a new car, a house, a yacht, an airplane?

The sacral chakra is at work here. If you could control your desires, you’ll be able to control your mind. And your reality.

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