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Affirmations For Manifestation: Strengthen Your Powers Now

To develop constructive beliefs around the truth.

Here are 40+ affirmations for manifestation that’ll aid you in your manifestation journey. These affirmations will cut through negative beliefs and develop constructive paradigms around the law of attraction.

Millions of people believe in the law of attraction. But why do only a few succeed with it? Because of negative beliefs, doubtfulness, and superstition.

Of course, you are all the power there is. We are so powerful that we can even take this power from ourselves by believing we don’t have it. To lift the curses we put on ourselves, let these affirmations cancel all your limiting beliefs and bring you to your true power.

Some of the limiting beliefs around manifestation

  1. Action is necessary to manifest what you want.
  2. Manifestation requires rigorous physical/mental effort.
  3. You have to give something to have something.
  4. Negative beliefs are hard to deal with.
  5. Money is more valuable that you.
  6. The world is more valuable than just you.

I know some of these ideologies come from mainstream law of attraction experts across the web. What if I say, all limiting beliefs are lies?

From what I believe, everything that limits us, or creates resistance within us — takes us away from knowing who we are. And when we don’t know who we are, manifestation becomes difficult because external things seem more valuable than they actually are. Furthermore, when we doubt whether something would manifest or not, we’re questioning the powers of the universe, which is perfect.

When you believe that external things are more valuable than you, you start to want them. Wanting is exactly the opposite of having!

In truth, everything is a belief (A construct of our mind), even planet earth is a belief… Because we only know facts about it — We know it’s round, made of mud and water, carries life, called home — We don’t know what it is. In fact, all mental constructs are lies. Reality exists, the brain exists, but the mind doesn’t.

You see existence the way it is only when you open your 6th chakra (Ajna chakra or the third eye). All the following affirmations are true from the perspective of science and psychology.

Affirmations for Manifestation

Happy woman manifesting effortlessly because she is happy.
Happiness is the key to effortless manifestation
1. When I am happy, my manifestations are 50 times stronger.
2. I deserve the power to manifest.
3. I am happy, so I’ll have everything I visualize.
4. I feel happy all the time.
5. My heart feels so light and good.
6. Wherever I look, I see positivity.
7. I am greater than money and love.
8. I am the source of all abundance in the world.
9. I am built in God’s image.
10. I am worthy of the power to manifest.
11. I have full control over my attention.
12. I am a creator.
13. Thoughts are powerful. They permeate through the universe.
14. I am happy and blissful.
15. I do everything that makes me happy.
16. I love the universe and the universe loves me.
17. Human body and this planet is my holiday spot.
18. My reality is an expression of my awareness.
19. I am.
20. I am not a person who needs anything.
21. I am not even a person.
22. I perceive the world from this human body.
23. I am the eternal soul.
24. My nature is bliss.
25. Everything I ever wanted is right here.
26. Thank you for everything universe.
27. My true nature is happiness
28. My search is for knowing who I am.
29. I see the world from the outside.
30. This universe is my gold mine.
31. Manifestation is effortless.
32. Everything I do is without effort.
33. My mind is quiet.
34. The silence of my mind gets louder and louder each day.
35. I am living a fulfilled life.
36. I never feel negative emotions.
37. The beauty and joys of life aren’t outside, they are right here.
38. I don’t engage in the drama of life. I am just a witness.
40. I flow through life like a silent river. Effortlessly.
41. The universe works under my command.
42. Abundance, love, prosperity, I am right here.
43. I am not the body and mind.
44. I am immortal and eternal. I am beyond birth and death.
45. Manifestation is simple and effective.
Affirmations for manifestation


You might think, so many of these appear unrelated to manifestation. This is because the magic of manifestation is not in manifestation itself. It is in YOU!

The affirmations magic for manifestation
The magic of manifestation.

When you want to grow a flower, you don’t think about the flower itself, you think about the right environment, water, soil, seeds, etc. Similarly, these affirmations are like an incubator, practicing them will nurture your soul and set the right environment for you to become a master manifester.

And also, we humans have a common belief that we’ll be happy when we get this or that. However, to receive what you want, to create what you desire, you have to become happy. Because that is your true nature.

You are… and that is your greatest power. Thank you for reading through the post on affirmations for manifestation.

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