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28 Powerful Affirmations For Healing

power of affirmations

Power of Affirmations

Affirmations can be used for healing, attracting wealth, love, power, or anything we want from life. In fact, the only purpose behind having a human form is to grow spiritually and manifest what we want in life.

Many of us start doubting this power because of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs around what we want to manifest. Even for those who want to create wealth and prosperity in life, the law of attraction is the sole determinant of whether it would manifest or not.

Affirmations can be used to counter these negative beliefs and shift our reality as we see it. The truth of manifestation is that very little of what’s existential (the universe) affects what we experience in our life.

25+ Affirmations for Healing

Affirmations for Psychological Healing

1. I am a calm, composed individual.
2. I love to stroll in nature and admire its beauty.
3. I surrender to all negative emotions and go with the flow.
4. I welcome all negative emotions just like I welcome positive ones.
5. I’m lucky, happy, and grateful for this life.
6. Feels so good to be alive!
7. There’s nothing to worry about in life. Life is a chill game.
8. I have to be the cow that jumps over the mind!
9. I love and embrace everything in this universe.
10. I am the creator of my destiny.
11. I can create anything I want by changing my beliefs.
12. Every day and in every way, I feel better and better.
13. Life is an effortless journey.
14. People make life harder for themselves by fighting the universe.
15. I want everything in this universe to be just the way it is.
Powerful psychological healing mantras

Honestly, our perception of reality is so distorted that we spend most of our life in the imaginary world. For instance:

  1. When we want to manifest wealth, we don’t see money as a piece of paper.
  2. When we want to manifest a person, we ignore that the person is built out of the same material as everyone else.
  3. Ideologies, perspectives, religions, philosophies, lifestyles are all our psychological makings. Existentially they appear as something totally separate from physical reality but more valuable.

These distort our reality and stop us from seeing everything the way it is. And this is what makes our imagination so powerful. Furthermore, these affirmations for healing will help bring life to a more joyful side.

Affirmations for Physiological Healing

Affirmations for physiological healing.
Heal yourself with these powerful mantras

When I caught corona, I used affirmations and faith to heal myself in 4 days. Yes, I felt weak for a month because the virus is harsh on our bodies. This happened before the vaccine came out.

I also used the power of concentration to release a viral fever and headache immediately…

What did I do?

I just withdrew my attention from the painful area to a different spot in my head. And the pain went away immediately! Now, I don’t recommend using affirmations solely to heal yourself. Medical advice is necessary, but affirmations are powerful enough to reduce the symptoms you feel in your body.

So, it is possible to heal yourself from physical ailments through affirmations.

Here are some powerful affirmations.

1. I am getting better and better each day.
2. My body and soul are my greatest healers.
3. A white bright light is permeating through my body and healing me.
4. I surrender myself to the universe for it knows how to heal my body.
5. I feel so good and happy now that I am getting better.
6. I am recovering from my ailment.
7. I breathe in good health.
8. I breathe out the negativity.
9. I am feeling lighter and lighter.
Powerful affirmations for physiological healing.

Affirmations for Spiritual Healing

1. My mind is getting calmer each day.
2. I am not the body and the mind.
3. I am the eternal soul that is having a human experience.
4. I am naturally becoming more meditative.
Powerful affirmations for spiritual healing.

Our 5 senses are designed for survival, not to enable us to see the universe in its true form

And when we realize this, we get closer to knowing who we are. We are the creators of our worldly destiny. We can change the world by changing the way we see it.

Existentially, the physical universe is also the making of our own minds. If you’ve ever experienced synchronicity, you must have noticed how the universe aligns with what we think immediately.

Our beliefs create our reality.

So when using affirmations (through visualization and mentally spoken phrases), they’ll only work if you allow them to work. That’s why I say affirmations can shift our perceived reality. This is a belief, and because it is, it works. 

Let’s see what role affirmations play in psychological, physiological, and spiritual healing.


To create what we want, we build constructive beliefs around it. Keep in mind that you must not fight past beliefs through destructive affirmations. For instance, when we say “I’m totally fine. I am well.” Your mind wouldn’t come up with these thoughts when you are healthy. This would become frustrating pretty quickly.

Remember that you are all the power there is. You can change your world with it, or fight it and keep losing. When you fight the universe or resist something, you’re actually fighting yourself.

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